BGGA Known as Winter Training Home for Top European Golf Teams

It’s a fact that golf training and cold weather conditions don’t mix. That’s why many European junior and national teams choose to move their winter training camps to warmer conditions each winter. This past winter, BGGA hosted seven European junior and national teams hailing from six different countries: Scotland, Germany, Austria, Denmark, Finland and Switzerland.…

Great Athletes Make Great Golfers – The Importance of Functional Fitness

By Karen Harrison, BGGA Director of Health and Athletic Development Golf is now considered a power sport. The professional game is a highly competitive arena, with high club head speed and long drives off the tee, deemed critical to producing low scores. To maximize their performance, promote longevity in the game and even reduce injury…
Walking th Course

Should Junior Golfers Participate in Tournaments?

As your young golfer continues to develop his or her skills, you will inevitably reach the time as a parent when you must decide if he or she is old enough to start competing. You definitely do not want to burn your child out with one golf training session after another, but it is also…

How to Stand Out in the College Golf Recruiting Process

By Zach Parker, BGGA Senior Coach The college recruitment process is overwhelming, daunting and the cause of so much undo stress for the average junior golfer. Playing collegiate golf is attainable and an opportunity that junior golfers who wish to pursue should do so with “optimistic”, but also “realistic” expectations. The undo stress often comes…

Bishops Gate Golf Academy Extends Partnership with Global Junior Golf

BGGA offers Global Junior Golf members warm-weather training and education in the U.S. March 22, 2017 – Bishops Gate Golf Academy (BGGA) renewed its agreement to partner with Global Junior Golf (GJG) to provide special opportunities for GJG members looking to train at a U.S. golf boarding academy in preparation for college or a professional…

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