Senior Coach, Pod Leader

Staff Spotlight: David Louys-Moroney

  Position Senior Coach, Pod Leader Describe your role at BGGA? To be a transformational leader, not just to the students but also within this great coaching team at BGGA.  Sharing ideas and best practices of how we can improve the experience for the students.  Design the day-to-day schedule that will enable the students to…

Defining Excellence: Stephania Vargas

“Stephania has had some recent interest from colleges so I think she’s realized her goals could come to fruition. Ever since we’ve been in that situation, the commitment to her training has completely changed. She’s been a lot better at implementing what I’d like her to do and she’s fully committed to it. She’s been…

Staff Spotlight: Danielle Jasiewicz

  Position Senior House Parent Describe your role at BGGA? I live with and take care of the students’ needs. What’s the best piece of advice you have ever received? Do not stress about what you can’t control. What is your favorite home-cooked meal? Clam Chowder What is always stocked in your refrigerator? Lots of…

Defining Excellence: Kristine Yin

“Kristine defines excellence because of the way she has learned over the last couple of years. I think her challenging point was to depend on a coach too much as a crutch. We had to educate her that in an individual sport, like in college or if she tries to be a professional, there’s not…

Defining Excellence: Nick Pevny

  “Nick defines excellence in his training. He’s always quiet, does his own thing and focuses on his own game.” – Nick Duffy, BGGA Senior Coach  Name: Nick Pevny From: Aspen, Colorado Grade: 8th Started at BGGA: This is my first year. Why did you choose BGGA: So I could train all year since it…

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