IJGA Bishops Gate is honored to partner with Montverde Academy for our student’s academic education.

This partnership challenges our students both in the classroom and in their private study periods. It is only through excellence in both academics and golf that we will produce the well-rounded individuals who will be best positioned to achieve success in golf and in life.

With over 100 years of educational experience, MVA is an international, co-educational, college preparatory school that offers considerable advantages to IJGA student-athletes seeking the highest quality education. Discipline and rigor in our academic curriculum is a feature of life here. The majority of students will be here because they seek to play golf at a leading college. In order to do this, they will not only need to excel on the golf course, but also demonstrate a track record of academic achievement in their school work. Starting in the ninth grade, students build their GPA for college acceptance. Focus and success is an important part of college preparation.

A majority of our students will be looking to continue their golf careers at the collegiate level. It is for this reason that selection of the right academic partner is so critical. Boasting a 100% college acceptance rate (85% college of first choice rating), MVA is the ideal place to help set IJGA students up for maximum success in their college pursuits.

Visit the Montverde Academy website.