Leadership today for a better tomorrow.

The IJGA Captain Program offers committed students a dynamic peer leadership opportunity. As role models on and off the course, IJGA Captains lead by example in all they do. Chosen through a highly selective process of application and interview, Captains are the first to volunteer to help student life team members, golf coaches and one another – in matters big and small. Leading initiatives in community program and service, Captains go out of their way to positively influence Academy life. They lead a student council, collecting feedback from their peers and, when necessary, creating solutions to make IJGA even better than it already is. Captains selflessly serve their community because giving back is innate to their character. While the position is voluntary, the benefits are forever. Not only do Captains gain the memorable experiences they do, but they also participate in a leadership development curriculum that helps each critically examine and improve their leadership skills. The Captain program is all about leadership today for a better tomorrow.

IJGA Student Captains + Council Members