IJGA Hosts Year-End Celebration

With Heritage Academy graduation fast approaching (June 4), IJGA students were invited to a year-end celebration on Tuesday evening. Congratulations to the following students, who received year-end awards:

Most Improved (Golf): Kanata Irei & Kayla Kozak

Best Attitude: Tiana Cruz

Best Short Game: Saptak Talwar

Best Putter: Aniruddh Kedlaya

Best Dressed: Ryan Pongrac

Most Dedicated: Colton Tanner

IJGA Spirit: Shiso Go and Angela Aung

Most likely to win a wrestling match against an alligator: Ray Ahn

ESL Award: Sean Hu

Best Artist: Zhenni Zhu

Community Service: Jasmine Chee & Melany Chong

Overall Most Improved: Ammy Uenghiranpaisan & Marc Groenhuysen

Best Overall Attitude: Kotaro Nishimura

Best Cook: Prince Phuklabsawan

IJGA Fashionista: Renata Fierro

Fitness Award for Hardest Worker: Angela Aung

Most Improved (Fitness): Alejandro Guillen & Linda Trockel

To view photos from the event, click here. Thank you to our students and staff for a(nother) wonderful year!

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