Is This the Junior Golf Space Age?

For far too long now, the word “technology” in golf has seemed very basic. For most of us, it means laser rangefinders or a fancy new GPS system on the golf carts that shut them down if you go where the club doesn’t want you to go. “Consumer” technology also reminds us of the technical jargon club manufacturers use to make their new clubs sound smarter, better, longer, and faster. The real technology in our sport has seemed limited to teachers and pros. BGGA is working to make that technology more accessible to golf’s younger generation. If we can give junior golfers these amazing tools, where can our game go?

The golf swing is one of the most complex athletic movements in sport. Innovations in technology and modern engineering have made a wealth of data available for coaches to better analyze the swing and provide an accurate blueprint for improvement and development. Technologies such as 3D motion capture, simulation, biofeedback, neurofeedback, and force and pressure measurements take the guessing out of coaching to provide a fact-based diagnosis.


In the junior golf environment, it is very important for the coach to understand the role of technology as a tool for coaching. Mastering the skill of coaching is not about mastering technology but rather about knowing how to inspire and train an athlete to reach their potential, as a person and as an athlete. We use technology to enhance the coaching process and to bring more precision and accuracy to the craft.

Technology provides data. Data doesn’t always mean results, and that is especially true in the golf coaching business. Each golf swing is individual. What works for one player doesn’t necessarily work for another, so it’s important to use every tool available to learn about those differences. That’s where technology enters the stage at BGGA. We use a lot of different technologies to help us find each player’s strengths, tendencies, and areas of improvement. From that data, we can build a really specific plan for each player’s training at the Academy. Technology isn’t too far out of reach, and if we continue to provide these amazing new resources to junior golfers from all over the world, the game we love is only going to get better.


Our mission at BGGA is to develop autonomy in our players. This means combining supervised training, rich in feedback from the coach, with self-discovery practice that helps student’s problem solve and work through difficult challenges. Having the right training plan is critical in this model, and technology is a vital component in creating the right plan.

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