IJGA Lifestyle Program

The IJGA Lifestyle Program is a unique educational experience. We offer the U.S. boarding school experience living on the first-class IJGA campuses, partnering with a private school for education.

Students have easy and secure access to everything from housing and dining to coaching and tutoring/study hall. The campus offers a home-away-from-home accommodation in student houses, a Dining Hall, fitness centers, the IJGA Learning Center all surrounded by the magnificent IJGA golf facilities.

The Lifestyle Program at Bishops Gate partners with Montverde Academy and at Old Carolina partners with Heritage for academics, both international, co-educational college preparatory schools.

The Lifestyle Program offers students the choice of golf through IJGA or tennis through first-class specialist coaches. The principal benefit to students is that instead of developing their passion sport interest through teacher-coach, they are instructed by the best junior sport instructors in the world.

The vibrant and exceptional peer group is principally made up of success oriented junior golfers of extraordinary character and ambition, which has an enormous positive influence on the Lifestyle Program students.

The IJGA Lifestyle Program provides College Planning + Placement far enhancing the opportunity to explore the best range of college options and
assist with the applications and placement. In preparing for this College opportunity we offer intensive English as a Second Language classes and academic tutoring/study support in TOEFL, ACT, SAT and all academic subjects, creating a very special environment for student development.