Enrolling in a Post-Grad experience is of paramount importance and colleges know this.


Coaches have become increasingly more appreciative of athletes who enroll in postgraduate programs over those who do not. Simply put, junior athletes are prepared in ways not available outside of Post-Grad training. Unfortunately, many graduating seniors are simply not ready physically, technically or competitively to dominate their desired level of collegiate competition. Attending a golf prep school like IJGA is one of the most powerful things that could be done to prepare for college. We facilitate a program designed to build graduates into fierce competitors through mental strength training, technical skills and a physical conditioning that’s ready for any challenge.

Golf Development


We partner with aspiring golfers to create the pathways to being the best they can be using tried and tested methods. We aim to create a person of sound character who is academically strong as well as a robust and capable golfer.



IJGA offers a team of trained and experienced coaches committed to an elite golf training program. Bringing with them years of industry experience and world-class backgrounds, our coaches will develop and implement a coaching strategy to elevate your game.



The IJGA training facility is second to none, where various challenging golf course conditions are replicated on the range, providing an environment that builds performance skills

IJGA Golf Tournament Competition


An integral part of IJGA’s golf training methodology is a strong focus on tournament competition. IJGA students spend weekends during the school year gaining valuable experience playing in nationally ranked events across the country.

Graduation Ceremony


Boasting a near 100% college placement rate, the IJGA approach to college preparation has proven effective time and time again. Our students have received over $51 million in scholarships and our alumni have gone to attend schools with prestigious golf programs such as Georgia Tech, Princeton, Dartmouth, Oklahoma State University, Texas A&M, Notre Dame, Yale, University of Alabama, UCLA and Boston College.

Leadership And Character Development


Everything you do at IJGA is meant to help you discover your power and your responsibility. IJGA alumni often say that their years at IJGA were the most formative of their lives? It could be the time, the place. Or the friendships they made. For many, the answer is found in the wholeness of the experience. The knowledge and the goodness.

Why Post Grad / Gap Year?

There is a growing demand for specialized training for students who are seeking growth before moving forward with future academic and athletic plans.

Many graduating seniors today are not ready physically, technically and/or competitively to excel at their desired level of college sports.

Some student-athletes are searching for a year to live independently in order to better prepare for the rigors of college life.

There may be academic reasons why taking an extra year between high school and college is the best course of action (i.e., SAT/ACT issues, ESL or TOEFL issues, GPA problems, the chance to take college credits in advance, etc.).

The IJGA Post Graduate Program offers the solution to all of these situations.

Golf Training Solutions

  • Intense golf training regimens with the IJGA’s world-class coaches
  • Mental Training program that addresses the needs of the athlete
  • Titleist Performance Institute physical conditioning tailored to the individual
  • Nutritional programming designed to suit each athlete
  • Competition scheduled in appropriate proportion to training (with the IJGT)
  • Guided exposure to the collegiate coaching network with our College Placement Program
  • Enhanced opportunities for a better scholarship offer

Academic Training Solutions

Colleges fully recognize the value of students enrolling after a post grad experience. Coaches appreciate that athletes from post grad programs enroll with four full years of eligibility remaining – unlike athletes that have competed at the junior college level.

Parents, rest assured that the post grad experience will help your sons and daughters acclimate to college so much better.  These combined elements lay a strong foundation for ensuring long-term collegiate success.

Placement Solutions

Navigate the Road to College Placement and Athletic Recruitment. Work one-on-one with IJGA College Placement and NCAA Compliance experts.

Take ESL programs and TOEFL prep courses. If English is not your first language, ESL and TOEFL tutoring will be available.

SAT/ACT Test Prep Courses. IJGA students will have the opportunity to improve performance on standard tests – highly visible measurements of both schools and students.

At IJGA we offer the following academic options for Post Grad students:

College Credit. Earn college credit by taking two core classes per semester at University of South Carolina, Beaufort Campus. These classes will transfer to college and will not affect eligibility for incoming freshmen.

Space is very limited. Reserve your spot!

Introducing The Tour Prep Program

The Tour Prep Program is offered at both BGGA and IJGA – the premier destinations for golfers seeking a competitive advantage among their peers

Summer Golf Camps

The IJGA Summer Golf Camp is full of self improvement and self enjoyment.

Holiday Golf Camps

Your competition won’t be sitting on the couch over the holidays. Why should you?

Post Grad & Gap Year

We facilitate a program designed to build graduates into fierce competitors.

Custom Training

IJGA develops individual programs for individual golfers; we prepare them for anything.