IJGA has a student life that is abundant in diversity and culture.

IJGA old Carolina is a wonderful place to live. Students find themselves surrounded by a family of caring Residential Instructors and Student Care staff dedicated to each individual’s success. We take great pride in the privilege of challenging and supporting all students as they work to become their best in school, in golf and most importantly, in life.

IJGA is a specialized form of boarding school which offers a depth of nurturing, education, student support, nutrition, physical and mental performance, character development and golf training most children cannot get at home. At the core of your child’s experience will be a safe environment at all levels. With professional chefs, IJGA provides an exceptionally nutritious and balanced diet. Our Residential Advisors and Tutors are on hand for your children and have the highest level of expertise and education. And of course, our training facilities and golf coaching team provide a level of attention to your child’s growth in golf to help them reach their goals.

Attending IJGA brings the highest level of expertise in all the components needed for your child’s ultimate success, in a centralized campus, where they can develop good habits, sociability, independence and character development.

And now, housing is available on the Old Carolina centralized campus for all student-athletes!

IJGA Old Carolina Housing


IJGA students live in a gated community, with spacious living quarters allowing students to relax and feel at home. Students have one roommate and up to five housemates. In addition, each home has a living area, dining room, kitchen and washer/dryer. Students have access to wireless internet and cable television.

Fuel Dining Hall IJGA


IJGA has chefs who care as much about the people they serve as the food they serve them. Nutrition is a priority at IJGA, and our chefs are constantly working to incorporate better-balanced meals in for our students. FUEL is an exclusive on-campus dining facility that serves wholesome, healthy, and delicious meals in a relaxing environment for the enjoyment of all students and peers.

Golf Supervision


Student Housing is managed by a team of Residential Instructors and full-time Student Life staff who serve as leaders and mentors for our student-athletes. They provide supervision and guidance seven days a week. Our Student Life Team is a dedicated professional staff with a variety of backgrounds and educational experiences. Parents are encouraged to remain in close contact with their child’s Student Life Team throughout their time at IJGA.

This is student life. It’s work, play and everything in between. We’ve got your interests covered, with so much to explore. Choose your fun.

Safety-And-Security At IJGA


Our students live in a gated community where security is a top priority. Similar to a college dorm, each student has a magnetic pass card that grants him/her access. All visitors must register at the Student Life office. The campus at IJGA assures parents that their child is safe in a well-disciplined environment that promotes self-worth.

IJGA Events-Calendar


In order to succeed, students require a well-balanced social life and at IJGA there is always something to do! On weekends, students go to the beach, ride bikes, play tennis and go horseback riding. IJGA is a junior golf academy unlike any other, we provide access to trampoline parks, a relaxing pool, in addition to planned and supervised outings. These outings include off-campus trips to local shopping malls, jet skiing, paintball, Asian markets, World Golf Village Hall of Fame and even Orlando theme parks! Students at IJGA don’t experience boring days, on or off the course.



The prep school we have built from the ground up is centered on helping young athletes from many sports reach the next level in both their sport and their scholastic abilities. The block schedule allows students to attend school either in the morning or the afternoon.

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